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Poker is a card based game where players bet on their own card combinations and then compare them with others to see who wins. This basically means that there is no house edge as regardless of the competitors it is the player and his cards that have the control and govern whether to bet high, low or not at all. This makes winning a lot more exciting as it is up to the player to determine what is and is not worth wagering on. The cards in this game rank similar to most other card games, with two being the lowest valued card and Ace the highest. Players, regardless of the form of the game played, must then form combinations of the cards in order to trump the opponents.

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The card combinations in Poker are straightforward once players have experienced the game for a while but all the same the list of combos, in ascending order of value are; one pair, that is two cards of the same value. Two pair, a double pair of cards. This is followed by a three of a kind, three of the same valued card. The next in the list is a straight which is five cards in chronological order. Then follows a flush; five cards of the same suit. Next is the full house, which is a three of a kind and a pair. Then, four of a kind and finally the variety of straight flushes, which is five chronologically, ordered cards of the same suit. The ultimate hand in Poker is the Royal flush which is a straight flush with the five highest cards in the game, Ace, King, Queen, Jack and ten.

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Enjoyed online in high quality poker rooms, there are few card, or any other games that are more popular than Poker. Most poker sites will offer all the varieties of this game, and a huge range of game play options. The essence of this game may be easy to understand, and there is major love for this game throughout the world, but Australians find it particularly appealing and poker sites are available all styles and with an abundance of bonus filled winning opportunities.

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Known for its bluffing element, poker is often regarded as one of the more technical and impressive of the classic card games and thanks to the internet and the great online, and mobile poker rooms listed and reviewed here, everyone can play on Android, iPad, iPhone or Windows device, win and enjoy the very best it has to offer. Available online in a multitude of styles and gameplays the essence of the game has still remained a constant throughout. Players are ironically warned of the addictive properties of this game, the lifelong fascination it generates and the fact that Australia, like many other countries, has a vibrant, rewarding and highly popular professional poker league.

Ultimately Poker is a game of skill, a smattering of luck, the ability to read opponents, an understanding of cards and their odds, plus a huge element of courage. It is, Australia, available online and on mobile, so there is really no excuse not to get in on the action at any one of the top rated sites that we have recommended for your convenience.