Best Online Mobile Keno

When it comes to mobile casino games, everyone has their favourite. For most Australians, pokies tend to be the game of choice. But the great thing about mobile casinos is that players can choose from any number of interesting and exotic games. Because mobile casino games can be played for free, anyone can try their hand at any game no matter how complicated or high risk it may seem. In this way many people have come to know and love casino games they would normally not come into contact with. This is especially true for mobile Keno; this lottery-style casino game is rapidly growing in popularity and can be found in almost every mobile casino in Australia and around the world.

How to Play Mobile Keno

Mobile Keno is similar to many lottery style casino games. In the game, players try to determine which numbers will be randomly selected from a group of 80 and are paid out according to how many they chose correct. In the mobile version, you have a board that is numbered 1 through 80. To begin the game, players decide how much they want to bet and how many rounds they want to enter. Players then choose (mark off) from 3, up to 10 numbers on the board. Once the player’s numbers have been picked, the Keno machine randomly selects 20 winning numbers for each round. The player then wins or loses depending on how many chosen numbers match the 20 winning numbers chosen by the machine. The machine automatically plays the number of rounds selected at the beginning of the game.

Betting in Keno

In Mobile Keno, if you would like to play the same numbers in the next round, you can simply click, play 1, play 5 or play 10. If you would like to choose a new set of numbers, you can simply click the clear button and start the round fresh. Betting in mobile Keno works the same way as most other casino games. With this game, like many other gambling games, the highest pay-outs are awarded to players who bet the most money and place the most difficult bets. This makes it a very lucrative mobile casino game. The game consists of a large lot of numbers; this means that there are many combinations of possible winning numbers. This makes your chances of winning quite remote. In all versions of the game, the odds of winning are always stacked against you.

Mobile Keno Strategies and Where to Play

In mobile Keno, there are no proven winning strategies. Like most lottery games, winning is left to chance. Some people suggest betting the maximum at the beginning of the game in order to increase your chances of a big win. However you bet, at the end of the day, you should only bet what you are willing to lose.

If you are interested learning to play, and you are looking for the best mobile casinos in Australia, look no further. iPhone, iPad, Android devices, BlackBerry and a host of other smartphones and tablets are all able to run keno games on the go. For your convenience we have rated and listed the best local and international mobile casinos where you can play all the best online casino game for free or for real money.